I love the way Jake and Jenna laugh together.

It’s hard to explain this, but it was definitely one of my favorite parts of photographing their wedding. They both have contagious and disarming smiles. They both laugh from somewhere deep. But when they’re together, they somehow share their joy.

It’s magnetic. I’m sure that people who know them would understand what I’m talking about and agree. Just be around them and you’ll find yourself smiling too.

It’s a great metaphor, I think, for how they fit together. They’re fun. They don’t take themselves to seriously. They know what’s important. They share. Above all, they seem to bring out the best in each other.

Oh, and a special thanks to Alli who joined Linsey and I for this wedding. I’m super excited about the images we all got. Hope you love them too!

01 wedding dress02 groom preparation03 bouquet04 bridesmaids05 groom bow tie06 wedding dress07 bridal portrait08 vintage bride09 modern wedding portrait10 groom11 bridesmaids12 laughing groom13 father of the bride14 holding hands15 first kiss16 hudson gardens wedding17 hudson gardens wedding photographer18 hudson gardens wedding photographer19 littleton wedding photography20 photojournalistic wedding photographer21 hudson gardens wedding reception22 first dance23 dancing bride24 flower toss25 final kiss26 dance floor

The 2014 wedding season is upon us! First up… Jake and Jenna.:)

In honor of the big event this weekend, I thought it appropriate to finally post their engagement session from the end of last year.:)Alli once again joined Linsey and I as we explored some of our favorite spots in downtown Denver.

Jake and Jenna are passionate people who clearly love each other deeply. They have a taste for art and creativity, along with a profound sense of meaning. That sense of meaning is making an appearance in all the little details that have gone into the wedding planning. (Examples to come in their wedding post!)

They’re so great to work with because, along with being fantastic people, the photography matters to them. They’re not just after ‘cool’ pictures, but pictures that tell their story in a captivating way. As a photographer, I’m constantly trying to balance creating images that are interesting with images that have a point and communicate meaning. For this reason, working with Jake and Jenna is an absolute gift!

02 before the kiss03 smiling together04 engagement portrait05 reflection07 alley engagement08 from above09 laughing together10 big hug11 smiling portrait12 dancing in the alley13 hugging in the alley14 downtown together15 in love16 beautiful17 bride to be18 groom to be19 the kiss20 fall colors21 laughing22 feet tattoo