Our Style

our style

ralstonWhen it comes to our style of photography, we land somewhere between photojournalistic and fashion (or portrait) photography.

So what does that mean?

A photojournalistic approach means very little interaction from the photographer. Moments unfold and are captured without guidance. The main goal is to tell the story as it is happening.

On the other side of the spectrum is fashion photography. This is where every detail is manipulated and controlled (as opposed to letting it happen naturally in photojournalism) to create a desired, and often bold, outcome.

We like to use both elements in our wedding photography. While you’re getting ready, during the ceremony, and during the reception, we tend to be more photojournalistic. We use less direction and, instead, look for creative ways to make images that reflect the mood and feel of the moment and environment.

However, during portrait sessions, such as Family Formals, bridals, or when photographing the wedding party, we move more towards fashion photography and creating fine art.

We see it as our responsibility to make sure you and your family look your best in our photographs. We want your photos to communicate the depth and meaning of your relationships, as well as the energy of the day. With that in mind, we work to make sure every pose is perfect through using what we call dynamic posing. We’re much more involved in the process when creating portraits, thus they lean more towards the fashion end of the spectrum.