Frequently Asked Questions

Greenwood Village Wedding PhotographerFrequently Asked Questions

Do you photograph destination weddings?

Absolutely! We love to travel and do so quite frequently for wedding photography! Over the years, we’ve developed a few tricks and practices, as well as incentives, to make things easy and affordable for you. If you’re interested in a destination wedding, let us know and we’ll get you more information!

Do you offer custom collections?

Yes! Every wedding collection can be customized with additional hours along with the products you’d like included. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Just ask!

What products do you offer?

Every wedding we shoot comes with a complete collection of edited digital images that you can print and post to your heart’s content. Along with the digital images, we include an online shopping cart for you as well as your friends and family to order prints. We also offer custom designed wedding albums at a variety of price points to help you enjoy and remember your wedding day to the fullest!

What about an engagement session? Is it necessary?

Maybe it’s not necessary, but it’s an awesome opportunity! The wedding day has it’s own story to tell revolving around friends and family joining you in the celebration of your new life together. The wedding dress, the suit, the decoration, etc., are all very unique to your big day and as such, deserve to be documented. The engagement session, on the other hand, is a little different. Sure, it gives us a chance to get to know each other and work out any jitters before the big day, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to document who you were when you got married. The location, how you dress, and what we do during the session are all designed to represent you, as a couple, at this moment in time when you decided to spend the rest of your lives together.

Do you have (or recommend) two photographers for my wedding?

We almost always have two photographers at a wedding. (There are occasions when it’s not necessary, but for the most part it’s a definite benefit.) We try to structure the timeline so that Chris is available to take all the key shots (portraits of the bride, groom, wedding party, etc.) and use the second photographer for candid images during preparation, the ceremony, and the reception, as well as assisting with lighting and staging throughout the day. For these reasons, we recommend having a second photographer for most weddings. While it’s common to think that more images would be the primary advantage, we actually believe it’s in being able to create more dynamic images.

What are your thoughts on the first look?

Doing a ‘first look’ can help clear up the schedule for the day, but our favorite benefit is in what if offers you more than in what it offers us. The first look provides a moment alone and away from the crowd for the two of you, giving you a chance to breath and enjoy each other. When we do a first look, we’re sure to make it special by recreating the ‘walk down the aisle’ moment as best we can.

That being said, there’s still something special about seeing the bride for the first time in front of your friends and family. Either way, it’s your call! We’ll still get fantastic pictures!